The game is the density of everything, of the word and of matter. It is about weight, in a philosophical sense. Find this thread between the word, the material and the human experience. Allow different worlds to meet. The word and its vibrations, its evocations. Matter, embodiment of spirit.

The assembly of materials questions. Either by the diversion of objects, offering a new look, or by the invitation of an attractive title. “But what does she mean? “. And, little by little, we penetrate into the work. Depending on the day, it sends back to us the positive or negative that are within us. We find there the ambivalence of the human being, his duality. Always, it questions our relationship to the other, to the past, to oneself, to density.

This object, we have seen it a thousand times. However, even a simple pebble is transformed there to give life to an idea or build a bridge. We rediscover it to grasp its strength, forgetting its utilitarian dimension, or on the contrary its uselessness. Because, here, it is in its place and it takes us forward in our own history. Make visible the incredible energy of a concept. Suddenly, the idea imposes itself in all clarity, in all evidence. Essential. In an instinctive spontaneity. It touches our hearts because it is true. And that is rare in art.

And why bronze? Him so formal, so classic? Because here it is dusted off and modernized. At the end of the process, the prototype is cast in bronze when possible. The play of light on the curve is unique. In case of diversion of object, the bronze brings a distance, enhancing the symbolism. Born from the alloy of tin and copper, it is a marriage of materials that echoes the dualities expressed in the works. This material reminds us of a distant past, that of the forging of weapons, tools or currency. An allusion, too, to the past of trader.