Each piece tells a story, an event or a personal experience. Through the eyes of a little girl, with her fears and laughter; the hijacked look of a teenager borrows duality, dancing from one foot to the other, or more simply in the eyes of a woman today recreating the world as she feels with her dogmas, its contradictions and its obsessions. Like a fierce desire to emancipate themselves from the diktat of the society and find freedom.

Hence a constant search for the material which, through various symbolic and emotional impacts, makes it possible to express these different points of view: transformation of industrial objects, use of living materials such as wood and earth, or artificial ones like iron and plexiglass or miroir. Ines latty uses as example Cauldron, barbed, chains, spring, work tool, nail, mass, and hammer.

Finally, facing the material, finding the word that characterizes it: its birth certificate.